Richard Hill ⌂ @, Leeds,Yorkshire, Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019, 15:03 (vor 295 Tagen) @ Gerd

Hi all, and my apologies for writing English,

I can't really thank everyone who attended this year enough for the wonderful welcome extended to The Grateful Dudes. The energy and love in the audiences have never been better for our concerts and we know we were filled with energy from the whole room.

The other acts playing, MPPercussion , the always good to hear Schluff Jull and the incredibly authentic and joyful Jawbone kept pushing us to new highs with their professionalism and the sound guys were always top notch in providing a just exactly perfect sound for us.

The organisation couldn't have been better, keeping the stage times running smoothly and all the musicians and guest happy.

So many friends old and new. It was great celebration of all Grateful Dead experiences and we hope to be a small part of future European events, whatever the political alliances to come. We consider you all family now.

Pleasekeep in touch with us, you can contact through the website or Facebook pages and we look forward to welcoming as many who can cross the Channel. If you contact us before travelling, I'll make sure you get a discount on tickets to our shows.

Love to you all, beautiful GermanHeads,


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