Schneidenbach Shows of the 22 Dudes

rené, Montag, 29. August 2022, 19:31 (vor 602 Tagen)

Hei Rockers,

die Grateful Dudes haben gerade die Samstagsshow aus Schneidenbach in feinster Quali im Netz. Schaut mal:

Die erste Show kursiert bei bandcamp auch schon.

"Lower saxony" ist Quatsch, so: Hi Dudes, Schneidenbach is situated in Saxony. Lower Saxony is a different County, which is closer to England alright. So I would say you had to cross lower saxony to get to the real thing. To Saxony, the higher one, which is home to Schneidenbach, which was home to the loveliest Grateful Dead Concerts this year so far thanx to the Dudes.

So listen and enjoy, perfect music, perfect sound, let the moment linger!
Love to all

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