Entwicklung der Dead-Konzert-Technik, Podcast

Daniel/DD, Freitag, 24. Mai 2019, 12:12 (vor 278 Tagen)

Eine halbstündige Internetradiosendung der CBS bei Soundcloud (ohne Anmeldung abspielbar) zur technischen Entwicklung bei Dead-Shows und ihre Bedeutung für die heutige Konzerttechnik:
"Dead Sound": The Grateful Dead and the evolution of modern concert sound

Entwicklung der Dead-Konzert-Technik, Podcast

Georg G. @, Süd-West NRW ,.--, Freitag, 24. Mai 2019, 17:32 (vor 277 Tagen) @ Daniel/DD

Hello ! Guter Beitrag von Euch = Daniel / D-dorf ?! := Wie vormals der Text zu den zwei
Cover/ Tribute- Bands namens "Grateful Shred" & "Forgotten Space" ( anyone should listen
to them ...) Although my English is a bit poor ,I continue in english ,for the international folks can read it as well : This book ,mentioned in the article was once
already suggested by me ,in this forum some time ago. It's from Blair Jackson .- Title:
"Grateful Dead Gear" .Concerning P.A.-Systems,it's a good lecture. -By the way ,I do have
3 of the so called "Woodstock Bins"-as = from : Altec-Lansing ,( Voice of the Theater ="VOTT")-heavy Speakers ( but "only " 50 Watts each ). Nowadays you can get almost the
same speakers from JBL ,or similar, quite cheap ( JBL took over Altec decades ago, only
the letter "L" remained in the brands name ,as for "Lansing" ) And the new once have up to 250 Watts ,or more & much lighter weight.- The Wall of Sound ,was an experience by
itselve - in history ...I saw the new G.D.-Film "Long Strange Trip" on DVD. It's also
interesting to watch...My copy,by the way,had some minutes of "freezing" ( = no Audio or
pictures ) in between .It's kind of sad,but to remove it to the "Saturn-Market"is not
possible ,after opening & unpack the DVD - ! I hope my text was helpfull and not total
gossip ..- I wish you a good Summer Time & enjoy your next meeting : with Love : Georg **

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