Tedeschi Trucks Band Tickets

Frank, Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2022, 21:05 (vor 557 Tagen)

Hallo allesamt, mein Kumpel Jon Sawyer hat mir vorhin die folgende Nachricht geschickt. Vielleicht möchte jemand hier? Wenn ja, lasst mich wissen: info@stash-radio.de

Hello Frank... I regret that I am unable to travel to Germany for the Berlin and Hamburg shows I am ticketed for... My traveling partner had to cancel and I can't afford to do the excursion solo... So, I have a couple Hamburg hard tickets in hand, Oct 22nd.

If you know anybody wants 'em, they can have 'em; of they're willing to cover the cost to FedEx them from the San Francisco Bay Area... My friend is holding 2 hard tickets for Berlin which I believe is Oct 20th, and he would likely make the same offer (I can put any potential takers in contact with him)... I realize this is short notice, sorry about that, I had hoped to be able to pull off some kind of miracle, shorten my time over there or something; but with my Bro's album about to be released, which I'm executive producer of, I couldn't make it happen... Let me know if you know anybody who wants 'em or have them send me a private message. Danke! ✌️

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