PITB-Summer-Special VII - Letzte Hinweise

Richard Hill ⌂, Yorkshire England, Dienstag, 23. August 2022, 16:13 (vor 663 Tagen) @ Gerd

Hi Gerd and All our friends.
Hopefully this is the right place for this.

Thank you all for making the Summer Special this year such a wonderful experience for using the Grateful Dudes. We had such a great experience we were pushed to play better by the wonderful audience who stayed and helped even when the rains fell during the Friday night. It was a weekend I'll not forget any time soon.

I took so much enjoyment this time that I'm going to make the effort to come to the next Plauen meeting as an audience member. Hopefully it will be happening in 2023!

Many thanks once again for the wonderful organisation and the fantastic bands you had all through the weekend. 2 different Strange Shapes and the Helmet Duty were wonderful .

To next year!

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