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Georg G. @, SW - NRW - SU, Samstag, 09. März 2019, 21:46 (vor 571 Tagen)

Hi There ! Has Anybody of You checked about the G.D.-Tribute Bands like :"Grateful Shred" -or "Forgotten Space "- Bands ,yet ? ( last one have Kenny Withrow as one guitar player
on board ,formaly with Edie Brikell's "New Bohemians",-song example:"What I Am" [ 1988 ]
Or the other Band ,named "Grateful Shred ,with youngsters like Sam B. [ plays upside down, good feeling guitar ] ? Beside of some other,also good tribute Bands,-"-we can't know allof them ..", I thought it's worth the advantage to listen to .. ( "Forgotten Space" -Band is based in Dallas ,TX. -/- "GR.Shred" comes from L.A.,Cal. ),live shows are
available via You-Tube or "Reverbnation" ,.. or similar .. ( - I discovered them some time ago ..)
: - with kindfull Greetings from Georg G. -

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